Butner Public Schools in Cromwell, OK was founded in it’s present form in 1961 out of the consolidation of 3 school districts, Excelsior, Cromwell and Butner. Since that time Butner has excelled in all aspects of education, academics, athletics and extra-curricular activities.

Butner alumni have risen to greatness in all walks of life and are still making their mark on the world in fields of medicine, education, arts, military and law. Presently Butner Public Schools is a leader in technology based education focusing on preparing another generation for success.


  • Grandparent's Lunch

    Butner hosted a Grandparents Day on Friday, September 8, 2017.  Grandparents were treated to a baked potato luncheon with their grandchildren.

  • FFA Officer's Attend Retreat

    Agriculture teacher, Kyle Devereaux, took the Butner chapter officer's to an officer retreat for a team building experience and fun in Oklahoma City. Friday night they went to the Escape where they had to problem solve and communicate effectively to escape a locked room. Saturday they spent the day at Riversport Adventures and participated in activities such as white water rafting, zip lining, riding high speed slides, climbing rock walls, and kayaking. Those in attendance were: Destani Johnston, Turner Dean, Cooper Johnson, Chanti Shipp, Destiny Rocha, and Jacob Ott.

  • New Faces at Butner

    Welcome to the Butner family! New faces at Butner School for the 2017-2018 school year. We are very glad to have you here! 

    Kelly Harrison, 3rd Grade Teacher
    Lesly Walker, 7-12 Language Arts and English
    Glenda Lippe, Headstart Teacher (3 year old)
    Alicia McBean, Headstart Assistant (3 year old)
    Stacy Lee, Child Nutrition.

    Welcome to all of you!


  • Eagles Baseball Scores a Win Against Calvin

    McCamey Jones has received the Order of the Arrow through Boy Scouts under the direction of Bill Williams. The Order of the Arrow (OA) has recognized Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. McCamey was voted to receive this honor through is peers from troop 461 located in Shawnee.

  • Butner's McCamey Jones Receives the Order of the Arrow

    Caleb McElroy was the staring pitcher, he have up 4 runs and struck out 4 batters. Jacob McElroy pitched the remaining 2 innings, giving up 1 run and striking out 3. 

    Top batters:
    Caleb McElroy - 2 hits
    Mikko Kionute - 1 hit RBI
    Turner Dean - 1 hit 2 RBI
    Cy Fitzgerald - long double.

    Defense played well with only one defensive error the whole game.

    Final Score: 7-5

  • Butner's Event Planning & Drama Class Looked Into The Past

    Tuesday, August 22, 2017, Mrs. Jones's event planning and drama class went to Chandler, Oklahoma to visit the grave of U.S. Marshal William M. Tilghman.  The students were able to search and find Marshal Tilghman's grave and monument.  While searching for Marshal Tilghman's grave they found a second U.S. Marshal named Neal Brown buried only a few steps away.  Rubbings of both the tombstone and monument were done in preparation for a future event during Cromwell's Bill Tilghman Days Celebration.  The drama and events planning class are planning a movie and dinner night on Saturday, October 14, 2017showcasing "You Know My Name".  More details to come!!! 

  • Butner Yearbook Staff Helps Community

    I am beyond blessed! Had the opportunity to help a local flower farmer out today! Huge thank you to Mrs. Baughman for letting us go at the last minute, Mr. Devereaux for jumping in and helping problem solve to get us to the farm, my 9th grade class for accepting the challenge, and last but not least my yearbook boys! There are many things I take for granted daily but God has proven time and time again in the 3 short years I have been at Butner, ask and ye shall receive. Anytime I ask for help from my Butner family (admin, staff, and scholars) without hesitation have come to my aid! Love my family!!! Oh and LaSumer Allensworth Jolly for commandeering two vehicles for us!!!

  • Students Help Woman in Holdenville

    Butner Yearbook staff helping when they can. I truly love my yearbook staff and to see these young gentleman come to the aid of an elderly woman just made my heart soar. Isaiah Martin and Quinton McCoy visiting with a lady in Holdenville over her concerns with her vehicle. PROUD TEACHER RIGHT HERE!!!!!